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Gay Taraby

Phone 514-208-1825
Mobile Number 514-208-1825

Ms. Gay Taraby
Arbonne International
110 Thackeray Road
H9W 1B2

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Gay Taraby

Arbonne International


My BusinessEveryday Safety - We think about using a helmet when bike riding, walking towards on coming traffic, not standing under a tree in a Lightening storm.....but we don't think about what we're putting into our bodies or on our skin. My Health & Wellness company only offers PURE, SAFE & BENEFICIAL products NOT filled with toxic ingredients & which do NOT use any animal by products, chemical preservatives, refined sugar nor artificial colors or perfumes. Arbonne is growing by 15% - 18% annually! We are a 37 year old company following the European Health standards banning 1400 chemicals. We are certified Vegan, Kosher, Gluten Free & Peta.

Ideal ReferralPersonal Trainers/Yoga instructors Estheticians/Hair stylists working from home Those needing a Plan B

Top ProductEveryday proper Nutrition Sports Nutrition 30 days to Healthy Living program Anti-Aging skin care

Top Problem SolvedEnergy; Tummy Issues, Weight, Wrinkles; Joint inflamation;

My Favorite BNI StoryTestimonial from a Customer/Hockey player:... So... For years I've told a story about going away for week and working with a sledge hammer in the rain. No room for error or you're losing a toe! The day I got back from that work week I played golf and hockey. The week of hammering developed an enhanced acuity for vision and mind. With my enhanced acuity of mind I was able to perform at a higher level. This was due to me not having to worry about my body performing while my mind needed the same effort. With my enhanced "hand-eye" coordination I was able to perform at a level that got everyone's attention. "What was up with you today? .. You were on fire!" They said. At hockey I was knocking pucks out of mid air at full speed and on the golf course things seemed easy and I did not mis-hit a single shot. A coach once told me "I'd rather you failed making the right play than succeeded doing things the wrong way" he made me realize that sports require a mental acuity, not just great execution. My mental acuity had me making the right play and I was executing those plays with precision. It was noticed and appreciated by my teammates . Last night after testing the Arbonne energy fizz I enjoyed all the same results.. Higher energy that was noticed by all and an acuity that got everyone's attention too! Happy to report that I spent 10 minutes after the game chatting with 5 or 6 teammates about the fizz and explaining the benefits of replacing the traditional Red Bull or coffee with a product that is safe and natural.

My Ideal Referral PartnerSomeone who is aware of the dangers of toxic chemicals in our everyday personal products