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Gay Taraby

Phone 514-208-1825
Mobile Number 514-208-1825

Ms. Gay Taraby
Arbonne International
110 Thackeray Road
H9W 1B2

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Gay Taraby

Arbonne International


My BusinessHealth & Wellness Industry - growing by 15% - 18% annually! What sets Arbonne apart from the competition is that we are 35 years old & our products are all plant based. Our products are built on Swiss formulations following the European health guidelines. Arbonne's products are Free of harsh chemicals like Parabens, which are directly linked to breast cancer, free of artificial colors and fragrances; we never have & never will test of animals & do not use animal by-products. We are certified Vegan, Kosher, Gluten Free & Peta certified. We have products for Personal Care AND Nutrition helping people eat cleanly, maintain a proper internal health which helps the external look its best.

Ideal ReferralPersonal Trainers/Yoga instructors Estheticians/Hair stylists working from home Those needing a Plan B

Top ProductRE9 Anti-Aging skin care Sports Nutrition 30 days to Healthy Living program

Top Problem SolvedEnergy; Wrinkles; Joint inflamation;Tummy issues

My Favorite BNI StoryTestimonial from a Customer/Hockey player:... So... For years I've told a story about going away for week and working with a sledge hammer in the rain. No room for error or you're losing a toe! The day I got back from that work week I played golf and hockey. The week of hammering developed an enhanced acuity for vision and mind. With my enhanced acuity of mind I was able to perform at a higher level. This was due to me not having to worry about my body performing while my mind needed the same effort. With my enhanced "hand-eye" coordination I was able to perform at a level that got everyone's attention. "What was up with you today? .. You were on fire!" They said. At hockey I was knocking pucks out of mid air at full speed and on the golf course things seemed easy and I did not mis-hit a single shot. A coach once told me "I'd rather you failed making the right play than succeeded doing things the wrong way" he made me realize that sports require a mental acuity, not just great execution. My mental acuity had me making the right play and I was executing those plays with precision. It was noticed and appreciated by my teammates . Last night after testing the Arbonne energy fizz I enjoyed all the same results.. Higher energy that was noticed by all and an acuity that got everyone's attention too! Happy to report that I spent 10 minutes after the game chatting with 5 or 6 teammates about the fizz and explaining the benefits of replacing the traditional Red Bull or coffee with a product that is safe and natural.

My Ideal Referral PartnerSomeone who is aware of the dangers of toxic chemicals in our everyday personal products